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Adjustable Beds and foam mattresses - Fifty years ago, it was predicted that advances in technology would make our working days considerably shorter, and our time for relaxation considerably longer! However, modern life is hectic and demanding, with an ever-increasing number of calls being made on our time: we work longer hours than ever, and sleep on average 90 minutes a night less than our grandparents did.

Get good quality sleep - This means that we're being stretched at both ends of the day! And when sleep suffers, so does living. It's when we're asleep that our bodies restore the energy that is depleted daily. Without deep, restorative sleep our bodies can't keep up the pace we demand of them, which means that good quality sleep is now more important than ever. And one of the most important contributors to quality sleep is a quality mattress.

Lift Chairs, Rise and recline Highchairs and sofas - We supply magnificent range of Rise and recline lift chairs and sofas in many different styles with various functions. Ranges include the Dovedale, Keddlestone and more. Please note: To keep up with our customers expectations our product range changes from time to time. Please contact us to enquire about product availability.

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