Mobility scooter accidents

6th September 2017

Suggestions that driving courses for Wheelchair and mobility scooter uses are raised as a Hull jogger was left in agony following a collision outside the post office in hessle Square.

Fitness trainer Tanya bakewell suffered a torn tendon when she collided with the mobility scooter driven by her next door neighbor and is now calling for tougher regulations on mobility scooter use and suggest that scooter users should have to go on a driving course before using them.
Speaking from her home in Hessle Miss Bakewell said “I was out for my morning jog, as I came round the corner I came face to face with this mobility scooter and had no time to stop, Before I knew it I was on the floor in agony and left me unable to work for at least a week. She is a lovely lady and I don’t want to fall out with her but I do think she should ride this thing on the road not the pavement.

The owner of the mobility scooter who does not wish to be named said “My scooter only goes 4mph, she was jogging at double my speed, The reason some scooters are banned from pavements is they go at higher speeds, probably the speed she was running, perhaps its her that should have been using the road not me.

In response to the scooter users claims that she was riding at walking pace Miss Bakewell said “Its not so much the speed its the size of these things pavements were not designed for scooters.

Mobility scooters come in two classes – those which have an upper speed limit of 4mph are designed to be used on pavements and those with an 8mph limit are intended for the road.

Government rules for users of such vehicles state: “pavements are safer than roads and should be used when available. You should give pedestrians priority and show consideration for other pavement users, particularly those with a hearing or visual impairment who may not be aware that you are there.”

A witness to the incident was local window cleaner Stan Dunham said She would have bumped into the scooer even if it had been stationary, She (Miss bakewell) came flying round the corner at such a speed, she would have hit whoever was their. Its just a good job it wasnt a small child she ran into”

While thre has been a rise in reported scooter collisions 95% involves cars and other road using vehicles?